Friday, May 23, 2008


If you're like me when I opened my inbox your heart skipped a beat at that title. However nothing new... our agency was just letting us know we are still waiting. Not exactly the information we were hoping for but at least we didn't receive bad news. Their "guess" is we won't know anything new until ALL the birthmoms have been interviewed.

In light of the devastating tragedy of the Steven C. Chapman family, I am sobered by the gift of every moment we have with all of our loved ones and sheds light on what seems difficult in this wait. Their loss has felt like my loss as I know so many others feel the same way. His ministry and music have been one of the most influential pieces of my walk with Christ and I am so terribly grateful for God's work in his life... and I am deeply grieving for their family. Please keep this precious family in your prayers.

On a lighter note.... THANK YOU STEPHANIE for these sweet pictures of Sarah. Stephanie is a blogging friend who is also waiting to bring home her son. It was fun to see Sarah in a high chair : ) We are only DAYS away from seeing our little princess for the FIRST time!!!!! Can you tell I'm excited! Since we are going at the end of the month, they've asked if my husband and I would be willing to do the pictures for the monthly updates... it will be so much fun! I look forward to doing this for all families and hope we can capture some awesome moments of these little angels!
Lord, we thank you for the gift of these precious babies. We come to Your throne with confidence, standing on Your Word, reminding You that You promise to be the Father to the Fatherless and an Advocate for the orphan. Please bring these little ones home and "set the lonely in families". Amen.


Amy said...

Praying that you have a wonderful time getting to know Sarah! And that your wait to bring her home is short!

allums family said...

I enjoyed meeting your baby girl and spending time with her and capturing pics for you. Praying you have a safe and unforgettable trip meeting your Sarah for the first time!

Kristy said...

Hi Marianne, its Kristy, Shelby's sister-in-law. I love reading your blog and I am praying that Sarah will get to come home very very soon! She is so adorable! I agree with your comments about the Chapmans. I love them and am so sad for them during this horrific loss. It does make you stop and think of how we should cherish everyday that we get to spend with our loved ones. My heart is broke for them. If not for God, seriously, how would anyone make it? Your website is definitely an inspiration to me. Thanks!! :)

ellasmommy said...

Your daughter is beautiful! Have fun meeting her for the first time! We are praying for all families still waiting on their children...we pray that they are home SOON!