Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The girls first SNOW!! and some family fun

The past couple weeks have given me a lot of blogging material... so look out for an above average amount of posts : )Caleb and Emily
Think I need to take this pic to photoshop and adjust the lighting...
but here's my two funny kids, Sarah and Zachary

Caleb and Zach were more excited about Sarah and Emily's first experience with snow than they were to go play in it.... the way they love these girls never ceases to amaze me. We've had lots of fun.... building forts, snowball fights, eating icicles and somehow the boys convinced me to freeze a few of our snowballs in the fridge ... what was I thinking : )

Last night we had a special night going to the "kids eat free night" at IHOP and then a road trip to see the Festival of Lights. Our kids were cracking us up!!

Caleb wanted to take pictures of EVERY light display... we talked him into taking pics of ONLY our favorites(the batmobile was of course Zach's fave). Zachary in only his unique and hilarious way kept repeating, "I'm so happy... I think I'm going to cry"(I'm STILL laughing over that one.. Grandpa Chip would be so proud). And not to be outdone, Sarah sat on my lap in the front hitting the window and pointing, saying "WHOA!" every 5 seconds. Little Emily just stared out the window sucking her thumb with her precious laid back spirit.

Thank you Lord for family, for fun, for laughter, for loving us!

This was our photogragher Caleb's favorite of the night

Hope everyone is enjoying all the festivities of the Christmas season!


Tony and Heather Snyder said...

What precious kids you have. I always appreciate the way you take the time to enjoy your kids. I truly see each of their personalities and your deep love through them in your blogging.

Bethany said...

Your light display looks way cooler than the one in Evansville. So not fair!

Amy said...

Great pictures, looks like a lot of fun! It is great fun making memories with your family. :)

Carrie said...

Looks like a pretty cool festival of lights! Zach's comment is hilarious :) Love the snow pics too - I need to round up the energy to let the twins play in the snow sometime!

Monica said...

David and Marianne,
My name is Monica Daming. My grandparents are Mary and Gene Cain in Newburgh, IN. We followed your adoption story through them b/c we also adopted a Guatemalan Princess. "Granny", aka Mary, asked me to send you some pictures of our kids. If you could send me your email address, I would love to share pictures. It is such an amazing experience. We brought Elizabeth home 8/1/07, greeted excitedly by big Brother Drew, who was 4 at the time. They are now 2 and almost 6. My email address is pmdaming@yahoo.com