Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well, I know these 2 don't look so bad now but you should have seen them the 24hrs. before! We've got some kind of stomach flu going around in our house. It started with Emily and 5 days later, everyone but Sarah and me has taken their turn. I was HOPING she and I would escape the terrible bug but just a little bit ago, I found Miss Sarah fishing toilet paper out of the toilet and putting it in her mouth!!!!..... and yes, the same toilet everyone has used for their vomit(and other stuff)!! I know, I know..... DISGUSTING!

I can't believe how long it's taken me to get around to posting PRE- and POST-Christmas! Thanks for not giving up on us and checking in ; ) I just decided to make one mega-long post instead of trying to catch up, here it goes....

The BEST Christmas Ever:

Our family Christmas morning was incredibly special this year. The entry way to the living room with the tree was sealed off using wrapping paper so they couldn't sneak in w/o us(they LOVE busting through to their presents). Before the kids opened presents, we went into the girls' room and opened the Word. I found myself misty eyed as our 7yr.old son read how the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. I identified with Mary treasuring all these things in her heart while looking at my beautiful family.....reflecting on how DIFFERENT this year was without the unknowns and fears that clouded Christmas last year.

Caleb finished reading and we all bowed our heads and took turns thanking Jesus for all He has done. When it got to my turn, I was so choked up I could barely get out any words. THEN, the boys, seeing how "upset" I was, said, "Mommy, you can open your presents 1st!" Well, that did it, now I was bawling.... and I distinctly remember saying with a very full heart, "This is the best Christmas I've ever had!"

Christmas with the Gross family!

The boys LOVE football and were so excited about their uniforms. They don't even like the Packers other than Brett Favre used to play for them.... but they didn't care: ) (they were on sale at Farm and Fleet)

Good one, Honey

Christmas with the Stanton side!

Caleb with the big cousins on my side... a carousel ride after pictures

(they were too cool to ride the animals)

Zach and Sarah
(Emily was asleep in the stroller)

The JOY of having big brothers:

See what doesn't belong in this picture? The boys thought it was hysterical watching Sarah walk around all night with a stuffed bear stuck in her pants. Oh, my.... I hate to see what they'll do to the girls when they're older!

Christmas Programs:

This was our church program with both boys... Caleb and Zach are so different in front of people. Caleb was about the only one with a piece of paper in front of his face(supposedly for the words) the WHOLE program so no one could see him. Zach on the other hand practically forgot where he was.... balancing on one foot, jumped onto the stage next to the preacher, and wore batman gloves through the entire thing!

Zachary was Joseph in his preschool play... we were so proud.

More Silliness:

Dave stuck this on Sarah on one of her bad hair days : ) My mom is appalled that I won't cut her bangs : )

I love this photo because they are always going up to the screen side by side and trying to figure out the "magic" of how a picture mysteriously comes on the screen when they push certain buttons.

The ICE storm:

Some of you may remember the ice storm that went through the midwest..... that's our house through the debris!

The Reindeer Ranch:

We went with our friends, the Reardons, to get our Christmas tree this year at the Reindeer Ranch! It was FREEZING!!!

You see how cold it was by how much we bundled up the girls!! Aren't they hilarious....

a bit reminscent of The Christmas Story, don't you think?

My "not-so" Fashion Girls:

Found these adorable head-bands on clearance one day and thought I'd get some cute pics. For one, they wouldn't sit still.....

"You want me where?"

This one, I couldn't keep her hands out of her mouth.

And finally.....

.....they found my container of puffs I was using for bribery!!

"So, what's the big deal... we don't mind eating off the floor?"

This is what the end of our day looks like and how I feel after this marathon post! : )

Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Christmas!!


Sara said...

I am glad you are back - always love hearing about your family. Sorry you have the sickness going around. Seems like you had a nice Christmas with EVERYONE there! I loved all the pictures, as the kids are just beautiful!

Brenda Rae said...

man those girls look huge laying on your lap. Soon they will be teenagers and we will wonder how time flew by so past! Come back to visit soon!

Kristy said...

your family is just too cute. Little Sarah reminds me of Haddie somehow and Emily looks just like her big bros, except girlier of course. :)I'm glad you all had a great Christmas. And I really like your wrapping paper in the doorway idea, I might just have to steal that one, one day! !:)

Amy said...

Wonderful family times! These are precious days with our families.

Ferrick said...

The last picture is priceless. Have missed you posting, wonderful to see you had a blessed Christmas as you should.