Thursday, June 11, 2009


I'm not as excited to post about vacation without pictures but.... our camera was stolen the 1st day we were in Florida. We did get some pictures but it was with our SLR and a few on Dave's mom's digital, so pictures will have to wait : (

We had an AMAZING time!! I tried really hard not to have expectations, realizing we were taking two 1yr. olds and we were going to have to drive 18 hrs. Whew!!! Let me tell you, it was a haul : ) But after arriving and getting a good night's sleep in, things were great!!

We didn't do anything spectacular. We went to the beach 1 day and went mini-golfing 1 of the evenings but the rest of the time we just stayed put. We rested, relaxed and got a LOT of use out of the swimming pool!! The place we stayed at was great because I could cook all of our meals right there!

Honestly, the best part was having Dave all to ourselves! Ministry can be very consuming and it felt heavenly to have all of his attention for 7 days straight : )

Zachary celebrated his GOLDEN birthday, # 6, at Walt Disney World at the end of our time in Orlando. We were able to just take the boys for their special Disney day thanks to Dave's mom and sister. Dave's mom took his sister and niece on a mini-vacation in Orlando the same time as us in order to come over for the day to watch the girls.... we are so THANKFUL!! It also turned out that the girls rode on Grandma's and Aunt Chris' laps on the plane ride home.... again THANKFUL!! (Especially since we ended up with a flat tire on the way home!)

I'll share some pics the next time I make it to Walmart's film developer :) Overall, one of the best memories I have of our family and so grateful to God for giving us that sacred time together! Hope everyone is able to take time to make special memories with their families this summer.... in a world that competes with the survival and sanctity of families, I urge all families to take time away and invest in something of eternal value... EACH OTHER!!

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Michelle Riggs said...

Wonderful meeting you this weekend. You have a beautiful family.

Thanks for praying for Abby.