Thursday, July 16, 2009

Warriors for Christ

I've always been more concerned with a rebellious heart than a rebellious behavior... which is good considering my youngest son is prone to being rough around the edges : ) I love this picture of my boys at Walt Disney World. Maybe because it makes me smile at how rambunctious they can be .... but I think mostly because I like to think their outward energy will one day be reflected in their fight for their faith.

God has been really teaching me these past few weeks about boldness in our faith. Straight out evangelism! Oh, I thoroughly enjoy the natural relationships in my life and how God uses those to share the Good News in my everyday conversations. But I mean taking EVERY person you encounter during your day and allowing the gospel to be illuminated. Not Bible-beating. But not just "niceties" either. Sometimes I think we Christians think we are being "Salt and Light" just by not acting irritated in the check out lane at Walmart. I'm talking ACTIVELY being sensitive to God's leading in EVERY conversation and EVERY encounter.

I went on a week trip with the Youth this past week where we did street evangelism... it was fun, amazing and pure joy to see God at work. God also has brought a Mormon teen girl into our youth program through one of our high schoolers. This has been incredible too... watching this young girl AND her mother truly seeking TRUTH! But what has made me pause the most at the glory of God lately is one of my two "warriors for Christ".

Our neighbors have a daughter that lives in Hong Kong with her husband and 2 children teaching at a university. The daughter and her family come home each summer to spend time with their families. The boys LOVE having kids to play with next door. Especially Zachary.

Recently, Zach was swinging with Rita(6) on our swingset in the backyard. I was on the deck with the girls while Zach and the neighbor"s daughter and grandchildren played. I heard Zach say out of no where...

ZACH: "Hey, Rita, do believe in God?"
RITA: "no"
ZACH: "You mean you don't even know who God is??"
RITA: "no"
ZACH: "But Rita, You HAVE to believe in God! He is the most Highest God and He sent His Son to die on the cross for our sins!"
RITA: giggled(probably because of his over the top zeal : )
ZACH: "What!?! You think it's a joke? It's NOT! It's true! God is real!"

And then the next night, we were headed to bed and Zach says to me with his hands both up for a high 10.....

ZACH: " Touchdown, Mom, I got a touchdown today"
Me: "How did you get a touchdown Zachary?"
ZACH: "I asked Rita today, 'Do you want to go to Heaven or Hell?' And she said, 'Heaven' . Sooo, TOUCHDOWN!!"

Wow.... nothing like being challenged by your own children!! I'm so grateful for my little warriors : )

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Amy said...

This post choked me up. High 5 to your son for caring enough about someone to share his faith. :) It spurs me on.