Friday, September 4, 2009

"Sorry, God"

Yesterday, as we were leaving a friend's house, I asked the boys to get their shoes on and get in the car. They got their shoes on, went out the door, ran for the grass and started wrestling followed by a fight over the sliding door to our mini-van.

All the way home, my thoughts went from anger at my boys to guilt for being a "terrible" mom. I made them go to their rooms to get control of my emotions and to talk to the Lord and decide on how to handle their behavior.

Thankfully David walked in the door as I was feeling very drained. I vented my frustrations and he decided to "save the day" : )

He told the boys to draw instead of write what their behavior should have looked like and to draw how sorry they were to God for disobeying their mommy. It was WONDERUL!

So, the above drawing is by Zach. The 1st drawing is of him disobeying with the word NO and the second drawing is of him getting in the car with the word YES.... my favorite was the "sorr God". (Caleb's drawing was very good too, Zach's was just far more entertaining : )


Pineapple Princess said...

This is amazing! I'll have to remember this.

Amy said...

Great idea, they really had to think about what they had done to draw it. :) Isn't it great when our husbands come in with a fresh perspective and "save the day".

Shelby said...

Oh my word!! I love it! what a great idea Dave had. Zach cracks me up..always has. Please tell me you're keeping a journal on his hilarious quotes and behavior! Every story you tell me of him brings a smile to my face long after you've told them to me!
love you gross' lol...