Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Has it really been a MONTH?!!

Can't believe I haven't blogged in almost a month. Sarah has been sleeping well and we've really been doing well in the bonding area again. But let me tell you, we have been BUSY!! I know everyone's busy with life and schedules... just never tried to keep up with American standards of busyness with a two yr. old and an almost two yr. old before.

Thought I'd give you a reason to smile with Sarah's latest obsession... diapering ALL baby dolls and stuffed animals in the house(and apparently needing sunglasses to do it : )) Sarah also takes off her diaper and Emily's whenever we turn around.

Now, who could ever accuse this precious sweetheart of being a menace!! I PURPOSELY took this picture so that I could remember that she was sweet some of the time : ) Emily can climb out of ANYTHING.... high chairs, cribs , pack n plays, you name it! She especially likes to climb into Sarah's crib and wake her.... yeah, you can pray for me : )

Aren't these leaves gorgeous... I LOVE our street we live on in the Fall. The whole neighborhood is filled with beautiful grown Maples that decorate every inch of the ground with the most incredible colors of Autumn. I also loved watching my kids play in them!!

Seriously, when did he grow up...sniff,sniff??

This boy just makes me smile!

Beautiful... even when she holds a bright green sippy : )

Emily captures the spirit of innocent joy like no one else!


Sara said...

Good to hear from you and see the great pics of the kids.

Pineapple Princess said...

Oh, your family is just BEAUTIFUL! It's so fun for me to follow what you guys are up to.

Thanks for the note and the prayers. It's totally helping!
Turns out some of Bella's sleep issues were due to getting two giant molars in her tiny mouth at the same time. I'm such a ding dong for not remembering to look for this stuff. I also remembered to take special time just the two of us... like you did with Sarah. Thanks for your fabulous ideas. God has perfect timing.

Your neighborhood is so pretty!! :)

Tony and Heather Snyder said...

Your kiddos are the cutiest!! I'm always blown away by them when I see them. THye are so full of life!! By the way...I love Ashley's picture!

Amy said...

Great pictures! Your kids are growing up before our eyes.