Thursday, January 14, 2010

Calling all Adoption Prayer Warriors...

....this prayer request will resound deep in the hearts of all you adoptive families. I received request for prayer today from a dear sister in Christ, Laurie Martin. I can only imagine what this sweet family must be feeling since the 1st news of the earthquake...

After waiting over two years for the completion of their Haiti adoption,
my sister Lisa, and her husband Roger, were planning to travel to Haiti
on Jan. 24-27 to hopefully finalize paper work. Please pray now for
their boy, Billy, and other orphans in Haiti. The initial report is
that the kids at his orphanage are OK, but one wall fell, hurting the
Nanny. This was prior to the aftershocks, and no one has been able to
get through since then.

Please pray also for wisdom and peace for Lisa and Roger in the coming
weeks. Also please pray for their two other adopted girls from Haiti,
Rebekah and Ruth, as they deal with concern and fear for the condition
of their birth parents. Both of these girls know Jesus, so pray that He
will comfort them as only He can.

Thanks so much. Lisa and Roger are pretty overwhelmed and would so
appreciate any prayers lifted up on their and Billy's behalf.


Tony and Heather Snyder said...

Thanks for sending ou the request Marianne! I will be praying for this little boy and his family! I'm sure they are going through a lot right now.

Anonymous said...


Stephanie said...

praying for this sweet family.

dave said...

nice post! I can see you're really doing a lot to help in general.

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