Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Adventures in Picture Taking

It's been a while since the girls got their pictures taken... so decided to get Sarah's 3 yr. and Emily's 2.5yr. yesterday!

Sarah did GREAT...
pulling out all the stops on big smiles

She had the photographers melting with their awwww's and she's so cute comments : )

And then there was Emily....

This one is my all time favorite...
the photographer PERFECTLY captured her 2 year old tantrum so I'll be able to remember them forever : )

Somehow...(through much bribing and distractions) we were able to turn Emily around

She even giggled a little!

I was grateful they caught her famous mischievous smile... she definitely has the DNA of our boys!

And finally a sweet one to finish off the day : )

Now just have to get a pic of all the kids for Christmas... or maybe not, ha ha!!


Deidre said...

LOVE these!! Especially the one of the tantrum! :)

Neil and Courtney said...

haha! This provided a good laugh this morning. Thanks, friend :)