Thursday, February 21, 2008


We have the joy of raising two incredibly unique little guys...... our oldest is reliable, responsible, sweet, obedient.....and this one, well.... he brings us joy in an entirely different way : ) Last night, tucked the boys in, sang and prayed and turned off the lights. Dave got home from church later and checked in on them. It went something like this....
Dave: "Marianne, did you let Zachary go to bed with his hat on?"

Me: "What? No.... "

Dave: "You need to come see this"

By this time we were laughing to the point we thought we might wake the boys....but just HAD to get a few pictures first! .....apparently Zach felt the need to get up and put his Buzz Lightyear hat on in order to have a good night's sleep : )

We love you Zachary and thank God for the laughter you bring to our family!

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Brenda Rae said...

is this what I look forward to with Drew because it sounds like they may be spittin' images of each other - just what I was afraid of when I first babysat Zachary in STL. I love them both but it requires more energy than I have many days!