Saturday, February 23, 2008


Today has been one of those days that I wonder how I could ever complain about life : ) I am so blessed by family, friends, church family, health and most importantly, the security of knowing I am a daughter of the Most High God.

My Precept Bible Study class gave Emily and me a shower today. It was so special to be prayed over and encouraged by the Word during the devotion.....and of course, to be given precious gifts by these precious women. My mom was able to come too, which made it even sweeter : )

My dad helped Dave put in a garbage disposal while we were at the shower( something we've lived w/o for 3yrs.)....we're very excited! AND they got a heat vent working in our basement...yeah!!! Thanks Dad and my wonderful husband!

And now to what everyone really wants to know.....good news on our adoption! Things have been going so smoothly, I truly expected bads news with this update...but PTL I was wrong : ) We exited Family Court on Feb. 1 which allowed our attorney to submit us to PGN(final court in Guatemala) yesterday!! Wow! Now to those who are new to Guate adoptions....we already know we will be kicked out of PGN relatively soon due to the fact we haven't yet received Pre-Approval from the U.S. but this is just a strategy our attorney is using to try to speed up our case so that after we get our PA we can resubmit and pass thru PGN more quickly.....hard to follow, I know : )

OH, and how can I forget this!! My mom and I went to Von Maur after the shower today and I got to buy my FIRST little girl Easter dress.....over the top fun!!....just wish I'd had a reason to buy 2 instead of 1.

Thank you Lord for all that YOU are and always will be! Thank you for advocating for Sarah and for keeping Emily safe! You are so worthy of our praise!


Sara said...

congrats on the good news about is nice things are moving along.

Angel said...

YIIIPPPEEEE!!!! THAT IS WONDERFUL! I am so happy for you. Hope you get that pre-approval soon. I hear PGN is moving fast. How long do you expect for pre-approval? I can't remember if you have said. I am very excited for you. Hugs, Angel

The Allums Family said...

praying your baby home soon.

Courtney said...

congrats. courtney

Whitney said...

Yeah for progress! Can't wait to see your family of SIX all together! (Can you believe that you will have four kiddos in your home in a matter of months!?!)