Tuesday, September 2, 2008


First day of FIRST grade!

First fight (notice the object of Sarah's aggression... a sock by Emily's head)

First boat ride!

First kiss from Daddy on the boat : )

First time Zach gets to drive Grandpa Chip's boat!

First day of Pre-K!


Sara said...

Such cuties. I was laughing so hard at the fight of the girls...one of many to come:)

Therese said...

It's always the little things isn't it? Not a big toy - but a sock that must be had at all costs. We have priceless socks around here, too!

Today we walked past all the kids lining up for the bus at the end of the first day of school. I teared up a bit thinking of all my friends sending their kids off on their first day of school - now I know you were one of them! How time marches on.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. Gross!

I don't know if you remember me from E-group or not, but I was in your drawing class. I was going to give you my number for baby-sitting if you are ever interested. Lisa Kindred said she was going to give it to you, but I am not sure if she did or not.

My number- 828-1618
YOu can give me a call when ever. Your kids are beautiful and I would absolutely LOVE to watch them!

Emilee Houchin

Ferrick said...

I love your spirit girl! Susie

Neil and Courtney Miller said...

My money's on the Guatemalan princess. She looks fierce.

Amy said...

That is a lot of firsts! Even the first fight is a blessing because it means everyone is together!