Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Is this girl excited about her birthday or what?!? We had a very special birthday party for Sarah with our family on Sunday. I'll let the pictures do the talking : )

Loved the cake!

We had her party at a "sprinkler park"... hence the swim trunks. It was a beautiful day!

Caught in the act!!

Our traditional pinata time!!
... with almost all the cousins : ) We missed you Sam, Alex and Anna

Sarah's turn (with her cute little baton)

Next, Emily's turn!

mmmm.... presents!

It was a very memorable day! I have thought of Sarah's birthmom a lot today and am so grateful for her and her love for this precious bundle of joy!


Stacy said...

Happy 1st bday, Sarah! You are such a blessing!

Brenda Rae said...

Love the cake!!! Wow what a year full of blessings it has been!

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!

ehouchin said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! What an eventful first year it has been! Looks like you had a special time.

Sarah said...

Sarah B. :-)

Whitney said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!

Tony and Heather Snyder said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!! What a blessing. I love the cake. Did you make it Marianne?

Therese said...

Happy belated birthday, Sarah!

Marianne, if you made that cake (which matches the pinata) I'm going to have to bury myself under the huge pile of laundry in my closet and wonder how you do it all with four kids and still manage to look young enough to be one of their siblings!

Thanks for the happy pictures - it looks like you guys had a blast!