Monday, October 27, 2008

Uh Oh...

... look who's almost walking!

Since this video, she's officially taken 6 steps! She's SO funny and so different from the boys. When they learned to walk, they would let go of something and literally "run" as many steps as they could before falling. Sarah is very intentional with EVERY step and fights for her balance inbetween( she looks a bit like Frankenstein...shh, don't tell her). I love how you can get to know her personality even in learning to walk : )

On a different note, Dave got home yesterday from his weekend retreat with the youth. I've been patiently waiting for Sarah to attach herself to someone OTHER than me 24/7. And it finally happened!! Last night she reached out for Dave WHILE I was still holding her and just laid her head on his shoulder... AND didn't want me back. She had missed him!! Oh my goodness, it was about the sweetest thing I've ever seen!


Therese said...

My kids got a kick out of this video! Gracie had me play it over and over.

I love the differences between kids. Gracie was a cautious walker, too. Danny is off and running and climbing (in the frankenstein mode also!)

Thanks for sharing.


Bethany Smith said...

She is getting sooo big! :)

Sara said...

I love this teetery/tottery is so cute. Sarah looks so happy in the video.

Amy said...

We are in the same place developmentally with our two kids. That's fun! We have referred to Nathan as Frankenstein when he walks too - he just started taking steps this weekend. (Can't get the video to upload though).

Fun times! Sarah is precious!