Saturday, November 1, 2008

What do you think of "CALAMITIES"?

When I look at the 4 beautiful children God has given us, it's hard to believe our life has been a sequence of "calamities" over the past several years. We've been talking about calamities in my study on Jonah and specifically this week on the calamity caused by the Lord when Jonah was in the boat.

Our Bible study teacher asked us a series of questions about our "fear of God" amidst storms in our life coinciding with the events of ch. 1&2 of the book of Jonah. I felt compelled to share those with all of you : ) Hope you find them as challenging and affirming as I did!

1. Do you fear God but not enough to obey Him when you don't want to?

2. Is your fear of God weak enough to think you can say "no" to God and get away with it?

3. Is your fear of God weak enough to allow you to "sleep"(as Jonah did) through calamity?

4. Is your faith so weak that other could question how you could profess to know God & live the way that you do?

5. Is your fear of God so weak that "the world's" fear of God is greater than yours?

6. Do you fear God enough to pray in the midst of your distress or is it your last resort?

7. Do you fear God enough to know there is no calamity apart from God?

8. Do you fear God enough to understand and appropriate His grace?

9. Do you fear God enough to curb your flesh and it's appetites so you're not lured from faithfulness by the world's vanities?

10. Do you fear God enough to realize salvation is from the Lord?

Praying you all know the fear of the Lord today!!

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Ferrick said...

Awesome how it makes you soul search. Susie