Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's the Littlest Things...

... that make me love my husband!
Some of my favorite memories growing up were of hanging Christmas lights with my dad. My dad was obsessed with having the most lights and the highest lights in the trees than anyone else in our little hometown. Looking back, it probably wasn't the most aesthetically pleasing house in the neighborhood... but in my girlish memories it was the most beautiful house in the world!

Like every marriage, we've learned to compromise over the things that were different in how we were raised. So at Christmas time, we've blended my family's "over the top" traditions with his family's practical no-nonsense way of doing things. The most lights we've ever had in, around or outside our house has been whatever fits on our Christmas tree.

But today, I looked out our front window, and there was my husband on a ladder doing something so impractical... he was hanging Christmas lights on our house with our 2 boys! And it's not even Thanksgiving yet! I was so caught off guard I seriously had to fight off tears! I love my husband no matter what he does, however it's these little things that make me so grateful he's mine!

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Anonymous said...

God really knew what he was doing when he created marriage! :)
Deb E.