Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dolls for Sarah

Sarah received a mysterious gift bag at church this week filled with these Guatemalan dolls! There was a precious note inside explaining that these dolls were given to this mysterious person by their grandmother after travelling to Sarah's birth country. The note ended with the author's hope that these dolls would be special to Sarah. I can definitely say they are already special to her and I am confident they will only increase in value to Sarah as she gets older!! What an incredible treasure and what an incredibly kind and sacrificial gift!! THANK YOU MYSTERIOUS PERSON from the bottom of our hearts!!!!
She is so beautiful, I sometimes find myself just staring at her : )

She's learning the word "CHEESE"!!

Never a time when there aren't kisses for Caleb!

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Sara said... stinkin' cute!! That is a very priceless gift that I am sure she will treasure.