Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Finally home...

David's back from Romania and we're home from all our visiting relatives : ) It feels so good to be back! Here's a few pics from the last week.....
Emily thinks she's so big in this swing....
I LOVED this backdrop

Couldn't get Sarah to pose on the swing, she much preferred the John Deere tractor

As usual, Sarah doing things the RIGHT way and Emily, well... let's just say she's creative : )

Zachary's pro swing at croquet

Caleb waiting on everyone to finish

One of the midwest's ONLY redeeming qualities...
Sarah's first corn on the cob

Emily's 1st too... both girls seemed to enjoy the cob more than the corn, go figure!

Caught in the act! Would you just look at these guilty faces?

Besides, who said bathtubs were meant for bathing anyway??

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Pineapple Princess said...

Yea! Finally HOME! That's great news!
Those are some seriously cute kids you have there!! :)