Saturday, August 29, 2009

What do I know of Holy?

I like music. Especially worship. I don't spend a lot of time memorizing songs, upcoming artists, latest bands...etc. If it has good lyrics and a catchy beat, I'm good. But every once in a while there is a song that grabs my attention... you know, speaks to your soul. And then I can't get it out of my head or heart.

Well... a song by Addison Road recently did that to me. It's called "What do I know of Holy?" It is such an honest and raw admission to what many Christians' relationship with God is really like. And definitely speaks to ALL Christians on some level.

American Christianity is so confusing to me sometimes when I compare it to the Bible. And sure, no culture gets Christianity right.... we live in a sinful world. Still, in America, it seems that everything is so packaged, successful, scheduled, productive, programmed.....

I want to know God. I want to know Him and have Him be known.... that's it. I long to meet others who want to talk about Him like He is part of their day, that walk because He picks them up each day and carries them on. I tire of hearing how to "be" perfect and "do" perfect and "say" perfect. I am so incredibly flawed and many times find myself following along with everyone else picking myself up each day and willing myself through. No grace, no love... just condemnation and criticism.

I LIVE for those moments when God brings me to my knees. I LIVE for those moments that He lifts back the veil of His glory and allows me to gaze at His beauty. I LIVE for those moments when He reminds me of my sin and the ONE who took it away.

In a world that idolizes perfection in every way, my prayer is not to be perfect. I pray for humility. I pray that when He touches me I will know Him. I pray that when He looks in my eyes I will behold Him. I pray to KNOW Holy.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

End of an Era

FIRST day of school.... LAST day of a house full of boys
I can't believe the days of being at home with my little guys are over! Zachary was MORE than ready for Kindergarten but not ME! Yes I am excited about raising my two little girls with undivided attention but really, how did the last 8 yrs. go so fast?? I haven't broken down yet, but it may be coming : ) Despite my sadness in saying goodbye to days of old.... aren't these 2 brothers cuter than all get out? Sorry, the mommy in me can't help thinking how sweet it is that they are at school TOGETHER : )

Hugs to all the other mommies out there fighting back those tears!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dolls for Sarah

Sarah received a mysterious gift bag at church this week filled with these Guatemalan dolls! There was a precious note inside explaining that these dolls were given to this mysterious person by their grandmother after travelling to Sarah's birth country. The note ended with the author's hope that these dolls would be special to Sarah. I can definitely say they are already special to her and I am confident they will only increase in value to Sarah as she gets older!! What an incredible treasure and what an incredibly kind and sacrificial gift!! THANK YOU MYSTERIOUS PERSON from the bottom of our hearts!!!!
She is so beautiful, I sometimes find myself just staring at her : )

She's learning the word "CHEESE"!!

Never a time when there aren't kisses for Caleb!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Finally home...

David's back from Romania and we're home from all our visiting relatives : ) It feels so good to be back! Here's a few pics from the last week.....
Emily thinks she's so big in this swing....
I LOVED this backdrop

Couldn't get Sarah to pose on the swing, she much preferred the John Deere tractor

As usual, Sarah doing things the RIGHT way and Emily, well... let's just say she's creative : )

Zachary's pro swing at croquet

Caleb waiting on everyone to finish

One of the midwest's ONLY redeeming qualities...
Sarah's first corn on the cob

Emily's 1st too... both girls seemed to enjoy the cob more than the corn, go figure!

Caught in the act! Would you just look at these guilty faces?

Besides, who said bathtubs were meant for bathing anyway??