Monday, January 24, 2011

Like Mother Like Daughter

It's that time of year again... just 3.5 weeks until the Connecting Hearts with the Forgotten Conference . My "to do" list is ridiculously long as all the last minute details are being sorted out... yet, this is of course, the opportune time God always takes to teach me something about Him, about me and adoption. And I have learned that if I don't take time to process this "something" and journal it, the lessons that are more precious than jewels are lost.

Lately, I have had moments of considering whether or not Sarah will struggle with not looking like me. Maybe because so many people have commented on how much Emily is just like me. Emily's hair color, complexion, blue eyes, and even the build of her body resemble my own appearance as a toddler. But even her personality is strikingly similar to who I was at almost 3 yrs. of age.

Sarah, obviously, does not look anything like me. And even her personality is completely opposite my own. In a world that glorifies the flesh and promotes outward appearance above all else, my mind swims in the confusion of wanting to protect my girl. Will this bother her someday? Maybe, maybe not.

I was often scolded growing up for "thinking too much". Which is great advice for petty thinking or dwelling on negative thoughts that I am very sure was all consuming in my youth. But I consider it a gift from God as I've grown into adulthood. Simply because I have been able to breathe in so much wisdom from His Word and godly people for "thinking too much" about what they say. How MUCH I certainly would have missed for not chewing on Truth hour by hour, day in and day out.

So, I've been thinking through future conversations with Sarah and Emily pretty often, seeking to know how best God would have me handle these possible questions.

On Sunday, Pastor Ed gave a wonderful sermon on the sanctity of life. In his message, he brought up 2 Genesis passages... Gen.1:27 and Gen. 5:3. They talk about how God created mankind in His own image and fathered a son in His own likeness. Image? Likeness? My ears perked up and my heart opened willingly to receive God's teaching. (Ha ha, I'm quite sure P. Ed had no intention of teaching about post-adoption... just goes to show the Word never goes out and returns void)

Like salve on an open wound or refreshing water to a thirsty soul, God's Word ministered to my Mommy heart. What is more important... to physically look like your parent or to spiritually mirror your Father in Heaven??

With renewed confidence from God's Word, I look forward to those questions from my sweet Sarah and my sweet Emily. I look forward to telling them that there is no value in physically looking like me or anyone else! My heart's desire is that we will look IDENTICAL in our search for God as He molds us and makes us into HIS image and HIS likeness. That in the truest sense of reality, our eternity, we will look and be like Mother like Daughter.

"Instead, let it be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit which is precious in the sight of God." 1 Peter 3:4

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Linda Gross said...

Beautiful thoughts Marianne, I am praying that Emily and Sarah have hearts for God, just like their mommy! Love You, Linda