Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sometimes there are scars

A week ago Sarah got 4 stitches as a result of entering the middle of a light saber battle. It was not a fun experience but she did just fine. In fact, it's hard to believe just 7 days later there is a minimal scar that should be almost unnoticeable as she ages.... the dr. did a fantastic job!

Most days, my kids are just my kids. You know, I try to use godly, catered discipline, encourage specific areas, find special moments to express intentional love and care for their needs on as personal basis as possible.

For Sarah, I try to encourage our bonding and attachment intentionally often. Several times a week I do this by rocking her before nap time. Today, she whispered "Mommy, rub my forehead please"(another little thing I do intentionally to promote bonding... just special between the 2 of us).

It's in those times, with her eyes closed and her sweet chubby face looking like the cutest angel on earth, that God often pricks my heart. I consider the scar of "what has been". The year of life that was missed by us and by her. The rejection that comes from being relinquished. The loss of a culture and heritage she will never fully know.

But there is another scar that God has brought to my attention. A scar that "will never be". How I praise the Lord for the scar that "will never be". The scar of hunger, of abuse, of enslavement, of abandonment, of neglect. Praise God Sarah was rescued from a life that "could have been" had her birth mom not sent her to Eagles' Nest! Praise God Sarah had a church, friends and family that supported her adoption financially! Praise God that He gave specific direction to me and David as we followed Him to Guatemala!

I wonder how many "Sarah's" are out there today waiting for God to move in the hearts of His people to accept the scar of "what has been" and move forward to rescue even just one from the scar of "what will never be". I hope you each take time today to pray how God might use you to redeem a "Sarah" for the sake of Jesus!

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Diane Fahrenkrug said...

Great and toucing thoughts from a noncolplacent child of God! Thanks for posting.

Jim B said...

Thanks so much for voicing your love for orphans so that we can all be a part of many lives. You are a special part of the Family at Grace Church.

Diane Fahrenkrug said...

"Scars that will never be," what a beautiful thought. It touched my heart and I am sure many others. It made me think about the scars Jesus bears. His scars are promises that ours will all be gone one day. No scars in our future. Thanks Marianne!