Sunday, March 25, 2012

1st two days of Haiti

This is the market in Port - Au - Prince as we were driving from the airport to the orphanage in Jacmel.  It was a 4+ hour drive through the mountains... amazing scenery!

Sunday morning here in Jacmel.  Didn't understand a word but I recognized a lot of the songs and could sing along in English. Those aren't empty benches in front but FILLED with a lot little cuties from Hands and Feet : )

This is Clivens(pronounced Cleevens).  He came here on Friday after his parents abandoned him in a hospital.  He seems to have some serious delays and medical conditions.  SUCH a sweetheart and just smiled and smiled.

Doll baby right here!!

Proof that I'm here : )

Aren't these girls adorable??  They were so helpful and good workers doing their chores.

This little guy (Willcharson)ran up to me at church and threw up his arms at me wanting me to hold him.  I got to hold him all the way back from church... so sweet.

I get to teach first thing in the morning!  Got to meet my translator this afternoon and go over my lessons with him.  I am so excited to see how it all goes!  Prayers are very welcome : )  Thank you to everyone who already has prayed...  I have felt the strength that comes from that intercession.

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