Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More pics from Haiti!

This is my morning class with the nannies at Hands and Feet.  They are loving learning about the Bible!  Especially the Old Testament.  They had never even heard of the book of Ruth before.  It's been explained to me that many Haitians have been evangelized but very little discipleship has taken place.

This is the 6 and 7 yr. olds' Bible lesson.  Josue is one of my interpreters playing the guitar.  He is great with the kids!

I taught them the story of Jesus calming the storm.  Here I am demonstrating the disciples going to Jesus and saying "Wake up!" when he was sleeping in the boat.  The girls thought it was so funny : )

This is my afternoon class of nannies with a different translator named Fanel. He is super smart and incredible at translating.

This is Kerby.  He is precious!!  He is deaf and will be coming to the States soon for a medical exam and to see if he's a candidate for a cochlear implant.

This is Stevenson.  He has been at Hands and Feet for less than a week.  He was brought to them as an extremely malnourished little boy.  I got to hold him Saturday night and spoon feed him peanut butter.  He could barely sit up and his legs were completely limp.  It was a moment I'll never forget.  I got choked up holding him as he slurped peanut butter from my hand thinking about the verse "When you saw me hungry, you fed Me".  It was a very humbling and overwhelming experience.  I actually thought that he might have CP.  We checked on him this morning and after just a few days of nourishment and love this little guy was smiling from ear to ear and trying to take steps with his nanny helping him.  I was AMAZED!  I have never witnessed something so drastic.  

These are the older kids learning movements for the "Story of God".  Dave let me borrow his curriculum from our church's after school program.  They caught on so well and did great!  Here we are doing a motion symbolizing God making creation.

This little guy came up front to show off his memory and explaining the whole story of God I taught him. He was embarrassed and kept giggling... such a cutie pie : )

Some of the older boys skyped my family with me tonight for my birthday.  My boys and the HAF boys were planning a playoff in basketball.

Carrie made me a cake for my birthday and my family on Skype and everyone here sang happy birthday. 
It was great!  I got sick last night and felt pretty crummy all day so I am hoping to feel better and try the cake tomorrow.  Thanks to anyone who prayed for me, I was able to teach today despite not feeling well. God is good.

Tomorrow is my last day and I will be back home early Saturday morning.  Can't wait to see my family!  I've enjoyed my trip immensely, especially teaching the women!  Thanks again for all the prayers!  They were felt : )

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