Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I literally put my hand over my eyes and prayed for God's grace and a trusting heart as I opened my email from our case worker today, since as far as I knew we were going on week 5 of being in PGN.

It was not horrible news but not exactly the miracle all of us hope for in our case.....
"Just got a case update from the attorney. He said that on March 12th, your case was rejected from PGN for one problem and that was the pre approval from the Embassy of the DNA. On March 14th, they resubmitted it to PGN with the pre now we just wait for the approval. In past times, when they reject for the pre approval and nothing else, it's a pretty good sign that the next time around it will go through without any rejections. But unfortunately the time might have started it will probably be another couple of months before we hear anything positive. "

I immediately counted the 8 wks from March 14 and it looks like it would be May 9 which could still mean a pick up date in June if it's the Lord's will. We were considering a visit trip the end of May but are unsure what to do if we would end up going again to bring her HOME in the beginning of June. I was hoping we would get through that 1st time in PGN so we wouldn't have to make a decision about a visit trip. I can hardly stand waiting even one more day to meet my little girl but we want to make sure we are making a wise decision. We would love your prayers as we seek God for His direction.


Amy said...

Praying for the Lord's hand to move your case along quicker than anyone expects.

Praying these children home!

Whitney said...

Praying you get out soon and for wisdom about traveling.

Lou said...

It's so hard when you get KickedOUT! It threw me into a major depression last year. I was wondering how they were going to deliver your PA to PGN....they don't do that, but I was praying something had changed. The one thing I have learned through both of these adoptions that God sends them home in His perfect timing. As far as the visit trip goes you know I say GO!


Deidre said...

At least you are back in with PA. Praying for no more kick outs and a very quick stay in PGN!!

Sarah is just beautiful, she is getting so expressive!