Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm SO worth it!!!

Found these pictures today on EN's website just to remind me that I would wait FOREVER for this precious child of God! (thanks for the tip that these pics were up Deb!)

A little blurry but still a total cutie pie!!
UPDATE: Saw this report on the Eagle's Nest blog (Sarah's orghanage) by one of the missionaries. Please read and pray about ways to help!! Just go to the Eagle's Nest link on my blog : )
"The other day I mentioned on the Nido Blog that the Lawyer told us that in two week the CA was going to have interviews with 2 of our new mothers, of the babies we received who have not been placed.

Friday, Lic. Pedro informed Larry that the interviews were in his office to prepare the mothers for the kind of questions that might be asked when and if the CA calls them in for the interviews.
I had misunderstood, and I’m sorry.

I guess deep down I had hoped that it would be that easy. It is not easy, and Lic. Pedro did not give us very much hope on Friday. He has heard no news about the new process being ready to start anytime soon. He told Larry that there are lawyers actively trying to get everyone to work together PGN/Lawyers/Homes/Adoptive parents. So far nothing is being done or said about starting. He did say that several homes are shutting down, because with adoption they cannot fund their homes. We have that problem also.

The cases in PGN at this time have been on hold, because of Holy Week, so hopefully we can see some progress this week. PGN should not have an excuse not to work this week.

Just keep praying. All these little lives are depending on PGN decisions.
Our lawyer told us that there are more sad cases showing up in the news. Just the past month there were 4 different cases of babies in dumpsters, and babies found dead, and some mothers are going to the border and giving or selling babies to Mexico. If babies are unwanted, the court makes that mother feel bad, therefore, she looks for others ways to take care of her problem, rather than taking the child to the PGN and declaring that she just can’t care for the child, she just takes matter in her own hands.

We have been with girls when they have been so brave to take the child to a court and declare only to have the social workers will say things like : “Dogs don’t even give up their puppies.” or “You look healthy, why can’t you take care of this baby?” or They just embarrass the girls with bad comments about their life style. Young mother’s don’t want to be subjected to that treatment, they have said to me, they would rather, “See the baby dead, than far away.” Or, “do I have to tell everything about my life?”

We have living in Guatemala nearly 30 yrs. We know the culture. This change is not going to make orphans disappear. There will be just more left alone and abandoned.
Our hearts are heavy about this, and we know that we must keep on loving these little ones.

If you can help keep the home open, please pray about what you might give by the month so we don’t have to shut down and have to let our workers go. Keep praying the court and lawyer and homes can work together for the good of the children. "


Whitney said...

Seems like when all the Nido babies hit six months they really start to fill out and you can see how much their personality is starting to show! Sarah is so sweet...praying for her and the other children to be on their way home soon!

Jami said...

Marianne - Sarah is just precious! How are you doing...with the new baby and all! Lots of changes for your sweet family right now, aye?! :)

Hope to get together again soon! :)

Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

Oh, she is just so beautiful!!!!! I would wait forever for Eliana too!!!!

The Allums Family said...

You are right, so worth the wait!!! I would wait an eternity for our little man!

hannah said...

She is so beautiful. Your right, they are so worth the wait. Praying for you.

Whitney said...

I just noticed that Nathan (Amy's) is in the blurry pic with Sarah. :)