Tuesday, April 29, 2008

First Smiles and Wedding Weekend

Working up to a smile....

Almost there....
(this pic reminds me SO much of Caleb's baby pictures)

There it is!!!

Getting sleepy...

She's done : )

All dressed up for Uncle Andy's wedding!

Just as handsome as the day I married him!!

The boys!!

Emily passing the time on the trip home : )
*Notice the bow even when we're travelling
A big CONGRATS to all my blogger friends with "OUTS" from PGN!!! Praising God for the GREAT things He is doing for our babies in Guatemala!!


Amy said...

Emily is a beautiful little girl! And the rest of your family looks great all dressed up! :)

Praying Sarah joins in soon!

Sara said...

Such beautiful pictures...you look beautiful and don't even look like you just had a baby! Praying for good news very soon on Sarah.

Amy said...

You probably already noticed this but... Emily's top picture and the 7 weeks picture of Sarah has the same head tilt going on. They are both beauties!

mindy kate said...

hey marianne:) i love the new pictures of emily-they are so cute! i can't believe how HUGE the boys are too! i'm so excited to be able to spend time with you and the family this summer. praying for things go well with sarah! love you :)

Therese said...

Emily is absolutely adorable - such a sweet smile, just like her sister!

Your boys probably wouldn't want to be called cute, but they totally are!

And you, mother of four!, you look absolutely fabulous! You're going to be my motivation for beginning my fittness program!