Friday, February 20, 2009

Bathtime memories

**I'm tired of COLD!!!! ....changing my blog design just made me feel better : ) Besides, busy little bees only seemed fitting for the season of life we're living right now... although destructive tornados might be a better description for my two almost one yr. olds!!!! **

As far as bathtime memories.... the smell of a clean baby lathered up in Baby Magic and the vision of my little ones wrapped up like small papooses is a favorite and something I aimed to capture over the years with all my kids.... these years just go WAY too fast!!

My first little papoose

Caleb 2001

Little papoose #2

Zachary 2003

My girly papooses : )

Sarah and Emily 2009

These pics are taken right outside our bathroom door. I lay their towels on the floor and then get them out of the tub one at a time, bundle them and go back for the next one. This way they can't get away from me!!!

I love these little girls!

One of these days I'll print and frame a black and white version to join their brothers on my bathroom wall to complete the decor : )


Sheri said...

That is so very, very precious!! There is nothing better than sweet smelling clean baby!

Mandy said...

Dave & Marianne,

I definitely know you Dave, but Marianne I'm not sure if we've just met in the past? It would've been a long time ago...I'm originally from Streator, so I had met Dave way back when Jermel was our intern when I was in Jr. High/High School. Now I work at LCC, so go figure...plenty of connections I'm sure!

Thanks for your comment on my blog, and you're more than welcome to use whatever part(s) of it you want w/ your high school girls! I appreciate feedback!

Also, your family is just beautiful! I love that you guys have been so involved in adoption, and I'm hoping to adopt someday when I'm married as well, so I'd love to find out more through you sometime! I'll keep reading!

Thanks again!