Thursday, February 26, 2009


Seriously, I left the girls for a couple minutes to throw in a load of laundry. They were trying on all our shoes at the side door behind the gate when I left them. When I got up the stairs, I saw the door to my tupperware cabinet open and Sarah sitting on the floor holding a couple lids looking at me like, "What? I didn't do this!"
I was about to shut the door to the cabinet to go find what Emily had gotten into when I suddenly saw Emily INSIDE the cabinet smiling so VERY proud of herself!! I was cracking up... as she was obviously the "mastermind" behind this scheme.
They were having so much fun, like any good mother, I grabbed my camera and sat down on the floor and enjoyed a very entertaining show : )

Sarah started getting more brave about reaching into the cabinet now that it was apparent little sister Emily wasn't getting in trouble.

You would think they were reaching for GOLD!

Emily was constantly throwing me smug smiles of satisfaction!
.... and a wave here and there!

Sarah wouldn't give me the time or day no matter what kind of circus I put on to get her to smile for me!

I truly think Emily thought she could climb through the back of the cabinet.

Almost all the goods have been thrown on the floor now...

... but wait, "what's this for, Mom?"

Better climb back in just to give it one more look!

FINALLY... got a cheese from Sarah

Emily didn't know what do with all the great toys she was finding!

I think this thing is completely cleaned out.

After all their hard work, they enjoy all their treasure at last!
Moral of the story: Never underestimate what two 1yr.olds can accomplish together!!!

**Not to forget about the boys......We got a chance to take Caleb and Zach to an ISU b-ball game with their cousins thanks to some free tickets from friends and aunt Chris' willingness to watch the girls!!

Zach slept through the whole second half and only woke up for double overtime.... didn't know it then, but he had strep!

Caleb and cousin Alex

... and the rest of the gang, Sam, Joe and Abby : )
It was fun night!


Tony and Heather Snyder said...

Your such a cool mom for letting your girls play! Wow...what are they going to get into later in life? The boys look like they had a blast!

Amy said...

Why do we bother with expensive toys when there is tupperware? What fun!

Aunt Chris said...

The good news is that now I won't worry about whether that missing dirty diaper ended up in THAT cupboard. I honestly thought that was one of the places it could have gone the other night. There was some point when one (or both???) of the girls were trying to get into that cupboard??? and when I couldn't find the diaper I wondered if you might find it in there someday?

Sara said...

What a hoot! They looked like they were on a mission. Kate LOVES cupboards too (or anything she can totally dismantle). Glad you got out for some time with the boys.

Sheri said...

precious, precious memories!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Sarah thought the door to Narnia was at the back of the cabinet!

The Roberts Family said...

Hello! I found your blog from doing a search for "adoption conference IL". While we missed the conference, now that it's too late, we are thrilled to see what you guys are doing. Recently we just moved back to central IL to serve with the ABBA Fund with adoption and orphan care ministry. My husband was a pastor in ND for 8 years previously. Anyway, we'd love to connect with your family. You can reach us at Our most recent adoption is documented at Our family/ministry blog now is

Blessing to your family!
Shelly, the Roberts family

Whitney said...

They are hillariously cute together!