Friday, May 15, 2009

Right before my eyes...

.... my little boys grew up in one evening!
Big things have happened the last couple weeks that make this mama proud, sad, happy and a little nostalgic!
Caleb turned 8 yrs old!!

Zachary had his end of the year program for Cubbies(AWANA). He got to LEAD the group in saying the pledge of allegiance. If you've known Zach very long, you would know that not too long ago he could barely keep eye contact with someone longer than 2 seconds. Watching him stand out in front holding the flag, starting on cue, and then walk directly back to his place on stage (without doing flip flops or fall to the ground in a super hero move) was HUGE !!! I was blown away that night by how much he's grown, how much he's matured and so humbled that God could take my flawed parenting and still grow up this precious son of mine!


Well, this one takes the cake for me! Just 2 years ago I stood outside of the sanctuary of Caleb's pre-school during his Christmas program with a 5 yr. old that was absolutely beside himself with fear. There was clinging and sobbing of desperation to not even step foot inside the door to watch his classmates on stage.

Here is a video of Caleb 2 wks. ago at his spring concert standing on stage in front of at least 200 people telling knock-knock jokes( he's the one on the left ). Proud isn't even a fitting word for the feeling I had watching my son overcome the greatest fear in his life... being in front of others.

How did each of my boys grow up like that in one evening for me?? I don't know. But seeing God's hand on them is reward enough for me for a lifetime!!

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