Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Break Fun

Thanks to Leslie, the kids have their shades for the summer!

Caleb found a bunch of Dave's old hats in storage(no idea why he's kept them) and had fun piling them on his head insisting on a picture for the blog... that's kinda scary when your kids are thinking about posts for the blog too : )

We were blessed by a visit from yet another "youth group" couple that is all grown up now with a young family of their own. What a strange sight to see former youth group kids' kids playing with your own!!! Thanks for the fun time Drew and Jessica!!

Oh my.... Sarah and her babies. If you've spent any time with us recently, you know how much Sarah loves babies. It can be a stuffed animal to a plastic doll. But oh my goodness did Sarah ever have a special treat this week! Little 5wk. old Clara Faith was a REAL baby and Sarah LOVED her!! She would've held Clara ALL day.... seriously! She was very upset when anyone would try to take Clara away... melt your heart precious!

Emily's been taking steps for several weeks and is even toddling around quite a bit. The fact that we are FINALLY getting pictures of this big milestone is evidence of being the 4th child in the family... oops! I'll post a video soon : )

Hope everyone else is enjoying their spring breaks too!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

And the Gospel will be taken to India....

This is Neil and Courtney. A young couple making big decisions with humble hearts for the Lord. They are in process of preparing and fundraising for the call God has placed on their lives. They will being ministering to one of the largest unreached people groups in the world... an upper caste called the Brahmins(sp?).

We had them over for dinner the other night as they were hitting the fundraising trail and listened to the dynamics and details of their future ministry. I couldn't help feeling overwhelmed by the joy of seeing these two make tough, costly decisions in order to follow their Savior. I felt almost motherly(although I am much too young to be their mother, lol) with the surge of pride I felt in their precious faith.

You see, as I looked across the table at this godly young man with his amazing wife, I couldn't help reflect on how (for me) just a few short years ago he was but a high school student in our youth group. Even then his faith was more like the maturity of a seasoned man of God. What a joy to see the Lord work in someone's life through such pivotal years of their life. We are certain Neil would have become the man he is without us being part of his life but we are so thankful the Lord allowed us to be part of it anyway. And we are so thankful that God allowed us to know Courtney now through him too. Thank you for the blessing of being able to call you friends!

We are excited to watch the Good News brought to India through you two, Neil and Courtney!! All our love and prayers will be following you there!
*If you'd like to find out more about Neil and Courtney, you can find them at

Friday, March 13, 2009

Baby Dedication and more b-day pics...

I have to say I've never been so emotional during a baby dedication as I was for these two daughters of mine. I couldn't help feel all the intensity of prayer, fears, and anguish well up in the depths of my soul as I remembered how God brought us through journeys of faith, both painful and costly, to this very day. It felt much different releasing my daughters to the Lord when they were physically in my arms than the many months and years of offering them to the Lord on my knees empty handed. They are HIS!! They were then and they are now, but I'm so thankful for the privilege to care for them and love them for however long He gives.

A special prayer...

... for a special day!
I was so glad so many from our family could be there! Dave's mom, my mom, my grandma, my dad and Dave's sister.... oh, and of course our boys!!

Birthday girl in her birthday dress : )

We let her stick her hands in the cake for her first bite and she only stuck a couple fingers in, even I was surprised by her "daintyness ".

1st big girl car seat ride
Don't you love her alfalfa sprout??

Everybody helping Emily open her grocery cart : )
( If you're curious about Sarah's pacifier... interesting thing, one day Sarah found an old pacifier from when we first brought Emily home and she stuck it in her mouth. Well, now she loves it. She sleeps with it for every nap and bedtime... it's so funny to me!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Emily Anne!!

We had a family birthday party at the church after the baby dedication on Sunday. It was a fun afternoon and a special weekend dedicating the girls. I'll post more pics in a couple days of all the festivities : ) This video is us singing "Happy Birthday" to our little sunshine. Poor Sarah missed out on most of the afternoon because she was coming down with something and terribly tired and ended up just laying in someone's lap while all the kids played : (

In Emily fashion, eating her cake! (take note of her feet)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Needed: 24 hr. break for tired mommy

Anyone else's kids do this?? Every time I turn around the boys are taking every pillow in the house and making a huge pile to play in.... with or without the girls. At the expense of everyone thinking my house is a constant disaster considering my latest posts, they seemed fitting to describe why I'm in need of a break. No, my house isn't always like this but it may explain to many of my friends why it may seem I've fallen off the face of the earth : ) My family is truly my life, not because I'm trying to make it a priority, it just IS!!! They demand all of me in this season we're living.

I love it... REALLY! I'm so thankful for my kids and don't take them for granted after all that God has taught me the last few years. But honestly, I'm tired. Not complaining... just a fact. The last few weeks I told David I don't want to fast forward or skip ahead, I'm very content where we are.... just could use a break, you know, the kind of break most people get in a regular job. Yep, no such guarantee in the mommy business.

Ah, but the Lord knows what we need even before we ask! There's a marriage conference at our church this weekend..... just a Fri. evening and Sat. morning thing. But praising God for my mother-in-law who has agreed to watch the kids the whole time and even is keeping them overnight for us! It may not be a whole 24hrs. but it is a break! Thank you LORD!!!