Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Break Fun

Thanks to Leslie, the kids have their shades for the summer!

Caleb found a bunch of Dave's old hats in storage(no idea why he's kept them) and had fun piling them on his head insisting on a picture for the blog... that's kinda scary when your kids are thinking about posts for the blog too : )

We were blessed by a visit from yet another "youth group" couple that is all grown up now with a young family of their own. What a strange sight to see former youth group kids' kids playing with your own!!! Thanks for the fun time Drew and Jessica!!

Oh my.... Sarah and her babies. If you've spent any time with us recently, you know how much Sarah loves babies. It can be a stuffed animal to a plastic doll. But oh my goodness did Sarah ever have a special treat this week! Little 5wk. old Clara Faith was a REAL baby and Sarah LOVED her!! She would've held Clara ALL day.... seriously! She was very upset when anyone would try to take Clara away... melt your heart precious!

Emily's been taking steps for several weeks and is even toddling around quite a bit. The fact that we are FINALLY getting pictures of this big milestone is evidence of being the 4th child in the family... oops! I'll post a video soon : )

Hope everyone else is enjoying their spring breaks too!!


Anonymous said...

Katie LOVES babies too, especially the real ones!Hum, wonder where they got that from? ;)
Deb Everly

Pineapple Princess said...

Your kids crack me up! I love them to pieces.
My fav. picture is the one with sun glasses. I can't believe they held still! Soooo adorable!!!

Amy said...

Love the top picture of everyone in their shades. :)