Tuesday, December 4, 2007

More Pictures!

My heart melts and breaks every time I look at these pictures of our sweet Sarah.....I'd give anything to just touch her face, look in her eyes or have her tiny little fingers wrap around mine. Someday, someday.......A dear friend of mine and fellow guatemama just got back from visiting her little girl at Eagles' Nest. We are so grateful for her kindness in taking pictures of Sarah and all the other babies for other mommies : ) Thank you Deidre.....what a beautiful present you gave me this week!
Adoption update..........We have already had a few setbacks in our adoption so far....the most recent being rejected by the US embassy to be authorized for DNA. Just for a petty reason but we hope to be re-presented by the end of this week. Please pray for no more glitches in paperwork as this DNA authorization is VERY important. We should know something next week. Please also pray for the future of Guatemala adoptions.....so many children will suffer if the wrong legislation is passed.....unfortunately, it seems as though the US is "strong-arming" the congressmen in Guate to vote the way the US DOS wants them to...pretty disappointing. Praise God we have a Father more powerful and with a stronger arm than all the governments of the world together! We choose to trust in HIM!
As far as my pregnancy goes, went to the dr. today. I set myself up for disappointment. I really thought I would be able to resume a few activities in the next week. But because most babies born before 28 wks. don't do very well, he wants me to remain on full bed rest till Christmas(I turn 28wks on Christmas day). At that point, he may allow me to do a few things but he promised I would be able to do whatever I want when I get to 34 wks. One day at a time. Dave and I were laughing in the office because we read in a pamphlet that one way to avoid preterm labor is to stay stress free. We found that pretty funny considering we're in the middle of an adoption and in the middle of a high risk pregnancy......seems next to impossible to be free of stress to me : ) Ah, but there is NOTHING too difficult for the Lord!!
Thank you all for your continued prayers, comments on our blog, e-mails and phone calls! It is beautiful to watch the Lord minister through His people! To my blogging buddies....I'm unable to leave comments because of the block on the computer i'm using but please know I'm praying for all of you and reading up on your adoptions daily.....May He bring all of our Eagle's Nest babies home soon!!
love to you all,


The Allums Family said...

She is Beautiful!!! Praying you here good news about the DNA soon!!!
Praying you and baby Emily get the rest you need so she can make a safe entrance into the world in God's perfect timing!

Amy said...

It is so good to hear from you. I am continuing to pray for you and for Emily and Sarah! (She is gorgeous!)

Will be praying that you get DNA authorization soon. Remember the Lord has every day planned out long before you get to it.

Hang in there!

Our Adoption Journey said...

Such cuteness! I am so glad to see you have updated your blog...I have been "checking" on you everyday, hoping that you were well.

I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

hannah said...

She is so precious. I pray that the Lord gives you strength that you need to make it through the bedrest. Email me Sarah's EN name because we may be going Dec 24 30 so I can take pictures for you. Praying that you get great news soon

Whitney said...

Praying, praying for ya, sister...that the Lord will bring both of your sweet girls into your home in His perfect timing.