Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sarah Needs YOUR Help!!!

We are asking anyone and everyone who is praying for our little girl's adoption to help us advocate on her behalf to the US Embassy. We received a phone call from our case worker last night informing us that due to an overload of adoption cases at the Embassy, they are only allowing 20 attorneys per day to present 1 adoption case. Our attorney has tried several times since November to present our case and has consistently been turned away. There are literally hundreds of attorneys that wait outside in line overnight at the Embassy EVERY day!!....just trying to get in!!

Here's what YOU can do to help:
Please copy and paste the below message(or you can write your own message) and e-mail it to the US Embassy in Guatemala City at . If you would like to do even more you contact your state senators : ) Thank you for helping us!!!

To Whom It May Concern:
We are (your name) from (city and state). We are friends of David and Marianne Gross, who are adopting a little girl from Eagles Nest Children's Home. Their attorney, Pedro Gonzalo Cabrera, has tried several times since November to present a request for DNA authorization to the Embassy but has been turned away consistently due to the decreased quota for cases allowed per day.

PLEASE HELP this little girl and their family! We are well aware of the effects of long term institutionalization on children no matter how wonderful the institution. Please assist this family out of concern for the best interest of their child so that they might bring home their little girl as swiftly as possible!

Thank you!
(your name)


hannah said...

I am going to forward this message on to some friends of mine so maybe it will help. Just keep praying. The Lord will provide and make a way

The Allums Family said...


Bekah said...

will do!

Whitney said...

Already done! Praying the Lord would grant you favor with the necessary officials!

Jen said...

My husband and I met Brad and Deidre at Eagle's Nest so we were able to meet many of the children of the families that we are "connected with" because of EN. Like you, we will keep praying and trust that His timing will work wonders. You are in our prayers!

Anonymous said...

I sent the letter.

God luck, and God bless you. May He bring your Tiny Treasure home to you soon!!

~Leah in Alaska