Friday, August 15, 2008

Just 2 weeks of lovin'.... big brothers have taught me crawl
...and to stand all by myself : )


Julie said...

Awe! She's so cute! And she's learning fast! Next thing she'll be saying mama! :-) I hope that I can get better fast so I can visit your family! Love you guys!

Brenda Rae said...

first - she is sooooo precious. I am sure there isn't a quite moment at your guys' house

second - i want to see a picture of the girls' room it looks cool! will you come and paint for me sometime????

Courtney said...

How sweet. Have you posted picutres of her nursery ? It looks adorable. Courtney

Amy said...

How fun to see her learning new things!

I was going to ask to see a picture of the girl's room and see that someone else already did, the little bit you can see looks very pretty. :)