Saturday, August 2, 2008

Home Sweet Home!!

We're HOME... oh does it feel so good : ) Sorry we've made you wait... we've been making a lot of memories! Our flight was delayed in Atlanta over 4hrs. which meant a new arrival time of 1:30"ish" am. We were pretty disappointed, knowing that many of you were waiting at the airport or were at least planning to be there... especially our boys. But here's a pic of our little princess all dolled up in her coming home outfit that most of you didn't get to see!

Finally home after a LONG day of travelling... we were so tired but so happy!

We made the call about 11 that night to tell my parents to just keep the kids at their house since it was going to be terribly late but we were so excited that at least some of our family was there when we arrived... Dave's sister, husband and 3 very excited nephews and niece : )

A very brave and faithful little troop of friends and family stayed up late to welcome us home... it meant SO much to us. Even if we looked too tired to show it : )

And then the brothers got to meet their newest sister!

Caleb's so excited cause he gets to hold this sister when he's standing up.

Zach finally gets his turn : )

An emotional moment with Grandma Laurie and a smile from Great-grandma "mom".

My two girls... just the beginning!

A very happy Grandma Linda with her newest grandaughters!
Thanks again for all your prayers and support.... God is so good!


Claire Nicole said...

Congrats!! She's adorable! I loved seeing all the pictures!
Praise the Lord you all made it home safely (even if it was delayed!).
Claire <><

Jeff Pope said...

Congratulations David and Marianne and family. Thanks for sharing the photos. I love homecomings.

Sara said...

Congratulations!! You look so happy. Enjoy your family:)

Laura said...

Welcome home posts get me crying EVERY time! So glad you are home and that you are all together as a family!

Stacie said...

So glad she is home. Sorry your flight was late that happened when Danilo came home too!
You all look very happy and thankful your journey to get your little girl home is complete.
She is beautiful!

Amy said...

She is beautiful in her coming home outfit! Praising the Lord for bringing your family all under one roof. Congratulations - we are so happy for all of you! We look forward to seeing her with her family.

lisa kindred said...

Praising Jesus you are home forever with your little Sarah! I am sure you are thrilled to be with the whole clan. It was such a blessing meeting you there at the Embassy and having dinner together. So glad you went to Antigua.

We look forward to getting our girls together. Much love, Lisa and family

Ferrick said...

Blessed be His name! Praise God, she is so precious. Welcome Home little Sarah, you are begotten of God. Blessings, Susie

Whitney said...

Welcome home!! It is so wonderful to see months of prayer answered by seeing your whole family together! From Him all blessings flow!!

Neil and Courtney Miller said...

Congratulations to all the family. It's good to see you all together! Praise the Lord!

Kristy said...

Ooooh I'm so excited! Your pictures make me cry every time, but these are the sweetest ones ever! Congratulations on your family being "whole" and together!
God bless you all!
Love Kristy