Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter dresses, eggs and wars??

All dressed up:

Best pic of the bunch....
I wanted one of just the kids but the girls are too wiggly!

What would family pictures be like if everyone was cooperative??
The hunt:

Once they saw the eggs, there was no holding them back for pictures : )

Sarah graciously stole ( I mean "helped carry" ) Emily's basket for her. Emily didn't seem to care as long as she still got to chuck the eggs into someone's basket.

Purses, bags, Easter baskets... Sarah's your girl!


FYI: Egg Wars are a family tradition started on my Dad's side and a tradition my boys now look forward to more than the famous Easter egg hunt. Everyone gets a colored hard-boiled egg, usually personalized with their name, and the games begin. You basically get 2 chances with each egg since there are 2 ends of the egg. You challenge someone to an egg war by smacking one end of your egg to the other person's egg.... only 1 egg will crack. The person whose egg cracks, flips their egg to the other side and they try again. Eventually there is one egg left with no cracks.... and that is your WINNER!
Grandma Laurie lost with her first challenge to Caleb.

Zach and Daddy battling it out!

Sadly, G'ma Mom's egg didn't make it past round one....
Caleb was our Easter 2009 egg war winner!
( If the winner was anyone else but one of my kids, I would have contested since Grandpa Chip and Daddy conspired against me and made me drop mine on the floor!)
Hope everyone had a beautiful day remembering the Lord and celebrating His victory from the grave!!


Pineapple Princess said...

You guys are seriously one good-looking family!
I love that egg game you play. I had never heard of it before. I think I actually dreamed about it last night after I read your post. Funny!

Sara said...

You have such a beautiful family. Glad you had such a special Easter.