Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tribute to My Beautiful Wife and Mommy to Our Children

Marianne usually posts on our blog but I (David) thought I would share a few words of appreciation for my beautiful wife and uncomparable mommy to our children. I had the unique privelege of being the caretaker for our 4 children all day today while Marianne was at our church's women's conference. Let me just say to my wife (and all other stay at home moms out there) . . . you are amazing!!!

I started my weekend (before Marianne actually left) taking all 4 kids to a track meet of one of our Sr High youth group girls to watch her throw shot and disc. This was an uneventful couple of hours as the girls sat calmly in their stoller chomping on Ritz crackers while the boys were engulfed watching Shawnee compete. Next, we all went to McDonalds and played at the playland to kill some time before supper. Once again, the kids had a great time as Sarah and Emily took turns letting the boys help navigate them through the labyrinth of tubes until they descended down the slide together with smiles on their faces. With Marianne rejoining us for supper we spent the rest of the evening watching the animated movie Bolt laughing hilariously together at the goofy little hampster who was so passionate about being Bolt's sidekick.

As morning came and Marianne left I was on my own to keep the children alive. Before lunch Caleb watched a college girls softball game on TV (if it involves a sporting competition Caleb will watch it), Zachary was guiding his favorite Nintendo character Link through an icy land, Emily was napping, and Sarah was organizing juice boxes around the room downstairs while I worked a bit on bills. After lunch Caleb went with his friend Matthew to play a little baseball, Sarah and Emily napped, while Zach and I spent some time outside cleaning up the yard and planting some grass. Once the girls woke up we headed to Caleb's school carnival where we wandered the halls for three hours playing home made carnival games that the boys loved because they got a piece of candy just for stepping into the room. Once again, the girls were content the entire time with their Ritz crackers while observing all the people that we walked by. For supper, I ran a little short on money so I had to ask the lady serving food if I could buy a Torpedo sandwich with $.03 short of the $4.00 it cost for the sandwich (we're poor, I'm not ashamed to beg). This was AFTER we all went to the car to look for any spare change we could find to make up the difference between the $3.50 I had in my wallet and the $4.00 it cost to buy one crazy sandwich. Coming up 3 measly pennies short (can you believe it?), I had the boys looking on the ground for pennies or a nickel while we conceived the plan of begging for a sandwich with $3.97 on our way back into the school building. All that effort to feed all 4 children with one 6 inch Torpedo! Once at home we topped off everyone's belly, took baths and showers, and right now as far as I can tell everyone is peacefully asleep.

No disasters, no major crying fits, no trips to the hospital, no hungry children, just a normal busy day around the house. I do not say any of this in order to pat myself on the back but rather to say thank you to my wife for doing THIS every single day of her life! No time outs, no substitute, no vacation, no backup plan, no calling in sick, no "I don't feel like it today", no "I'm just gonna sleep in", no "I give up", and sadly . . . very little appreciation. The job of a mother is never ending and children definitely do not offer willingly their gratitude . . . instead, most of the time, it's an attitude. The job of a mother is irreplaceable . . . I can't explain why children usually cry, beg, ask questions, and tattle to mommy, but ironically I think it has something to do with how much they adore and love you. The job of a mother is monotonous . . . the repitition with food and diapers alone is enough to drive a person crazy, and yet I'm sure the smile you recieve after each little need is met manages to keep you going. The job of mother is selfless . . . you'd think after all the times you put eveyone else's needs first somebody would return the favor, but that's not why you do it, you do it because there is nothing else on earth you would rather do. The job of mother is life . . . it seems unfathomable that THIS is to be the substance of your life, and yet what could possibly be more ETERNALLY significant than being there moment by moment to walk your children ever closer to a relationship with Christ. The job of mother is hard . . . and I am so glad that you do it with a joy filled heart every day!

So, for all the days and weeks and months and years that I have not shown adequate praise and thanks for all you do to be a blessing to me and our children I say . . . THANK YOU!!! Your self-sacrifice and servanthood are deserving of so much more than I could ever express. My prayer is that God will fill you with an internal satisfaction and joy as you spend each and every day with the little blessings He has entrusted us with. May He grant you strength and energy to persevere during the times when you don't think you can't do it any more. May He remind you each day that there truly is no better job on earth than being a MOTHER!

I Love You


Tony and Heather Snyder said...

Thank you Dave for writing this! Tony and I have talked many times about how we love to watch you and Marianne because of the wonderful example you set. You both are so really and honest with your ups and downs, your struggles and joys. You both have been such an encouragement to us as a couple and as future parents. We love you both and all your little ones!

Amy said...

Wow, Marianne,in case you didn't already know he's a Keeper!

What great words of encouragement.