Monday, April 27, 2009

$16 or 16 cents

Zachary could barely sleep last night as he awaited his "garage sale". He decided yesterday that having a garage sale was THE answer to getting money to ... 1.) help fix cousin Sam's guitar hero drumset(that he broke) and 2.) help best friend Carter get his siblings home from Ethiopia(their story is at

He told me he was going to sell his toys for $16 or 16cents.... but after much persuasion, he agreed to write on his sign 25 cents : )

His grand total for the day after sitting outside for close to 3 hrs. was 26 cents!!! Our neighbor took pity on him and gave him a quarter and then Zachary found a penny on the ground.... he was absolutely delighted by his smashing success!


Sara said...

I had to chuckle, as Bryce did these gigs a few years ago...lemonade, maple leaf seeds, homemade bookmarks. Once he even sat on the porch while it rained - there was no convincing him people wouldn't come in the rain. His only customer during his sales...our neighbor. Bless his heart!

anna bananna said...

hahaha he cracks me up!