Friday, October 19, 2007

Fave Fotos Friday & Some moments in Adoption

There are moments in this adoption that the gravity of what is actually taking place becomes overwhelming....just the miracle of it all!! I had one of those moments yesterday. At Farm and Fleet of all places!! I had to go there to buy stakes to put in the ground to display our adoption conference banner at the church......which by the way, if you know ANYONE interested in adoption please direct them to where they can find out more details of this conference!

Well, since I am not a "farmgirl", I don't think I've ever actually been in Farm and Fleet before but did you know they have EVERYTHING there?? I was amazed......more so at all the baby clothes I found( Carter's for super cheap!!). Anyway, I found some adorable 1st Christmas things for babies....really cute onesies. I was flipping through the outfits quickly, knowing I really wasn't supposed to be there looking at clothes, and then I saw it....... a newborn white little onesie trimmed in red that said on the front, "You are all I really want for Christmas". I got so choked up, I practically had to hide myself in the clothing rack : ) I wasn't sure if I was more touched by thinking that all I really want for Christmas is our daughter or if it was because I realized the desperate need of that precious child for her mommy, daddy and brothers....I'm pretty confident it was both!

As you scroll through some of my favorite Stanton family vacation fotos, please remember to pray for our little girl!! Blessings to you, Marianne

Dad with all the grandkids....all by himself : )

Fun day at the waterpark!! but where's Anna??

"We are SO tired of walking!!"


Amy said...

Praying for your precious princess and your family. Adoption is so humbling-to think that God chose us for this little one.

Whitney said...

I have had some similar moments...the inflight movie on the plane trip home from Guat was one of them. Praying the Lord is meeting all of your sweetie's need, spritual as well as physical, while she is waiting for you!