Friday, October 5, 2007

He makes ALL things new

I lay in bed the night we received our referral and could not find sleep....imagine that : ) My mind and heart were overwhelmed with joy.

I thought back to one year ago and how dark a time that felt for me.......I was grieving the loss of our baby after the miracle of pregnancy. I had previously been told before that pregnancy by my doctor that I had secondary infertility. In the midst of my grief over our baby, I also was grieving that my husband was not ready for adoption( something God had called me to years ago).

Three months agoI found myself driving home from the grocery store with a pregnancy test in the passenger seat. I was crying and unable to pull into my driveway for fear of facing the results of the test. I prayed to the Lord for strength as I did not know how I would face a positive(knowing that would mean miscarriage) or negative result. I turned on worship music to calm my spirit but my cd player wouldn't work. I finally got it to come on and the song "All things new" by Steven C. Chapman blared from my speakers because I had the volume all the way up when I was trying to make it work.

Of course, I cried even harder as I listened to the words....sensing God's presence but wondering if He really was communicating what I thought He was.

The test as we all know came out positive and now we are expecting not one baby but TWO!! from my womb and one from Guatemala. So, as I lay in bed the other night I felt God's gentle revelation of why He sent me His word through that song on that tumultuous day. He once again used a part of my own life to teach me understanding of the greater picture of eternity. In one moment, my heart seemed to take in so much. He helped me to see that just like that sad, broken and hurting time in my life there also is much pain, suffering, and sorrow in this "time" on earth. But just as the Lord has wiped away my tears from my eyes for this moment, He also has a GREATER plan found in Revelations where all tears will be wiped away from every eye and ALL things will be made NEW!!!

If you are suffering today, if there is grief, or if there is pain in your life, rest and rejoice in this, Child of God.......that He will heal, He will restore, and He will bring new life in a future that Scripture says is coming soon!


Amy said...

The path the Lord takes us through is not always easy to understand. I am thankful for the times when I can look back and see His hand, it gives me strength for the times when I don't understand and helps to assure me that He is directing the path. Thank you for sharing.

Drew said...

We love you... You always have such an awesome way of saying what you are feeling and learning from God.