Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The votes are in....IT'S A GIRL!!

I think I'm still in shock! I was fully prepared to welcome a 3rd little man into the family but lo and behold IT'S A GIRL!! I asked the poor doctor so many questions "just to make sure", he probably thinks I have zero confidence in him. The boys have asked and prayed for two little sisters for well over a year now. What a joy to tell the boys that the Lord heard their prayers and answered.... first a sister from Guatemala and now a sister from mommy's tummy : ) We are ALL so excited! I've always hoped that if ever we had a girl we would have two because I can't imagine my life without MY sister and I would want the same thing for my daughter. So, I thank God for giving our little Guatemalan princess a SISTER!!
Although I may not be extremely "round" yet, at the request of my sweet friend Karie, here's a pic of my growing belly and for those who haven't seen me in a while : ) I also thought I'd share a pic I had taken with my sister recently who also is expecting her 4th ( just a little sooner than me : ) Her belly is little cuter.....she's being induced in a couple days.

Oh.....and I'm sure everyone is wanting to know names. Names are very important to Dave and me so these names have been well thought out. We actually have quite good stories for both girls' names but I'll save that for another time. So here they are........Our little princess from Guatemala will be named SARAH and our little princess I'm carrying with me will be named EMILY. More details later : )

Please keep praying for both Sarah and Emily!


The Allums Family said...

I am so excited for you and your family! I am glad the boys got what they were praying for- two sisters! I love the names and can't wait to here the story behind them!

Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

Oh WOW!! I am so thrilled I found your blog....what an amazing miracle!! I am so excited for you all. Your little girl is adorable! Know that my husband and I will be praying for ya'll!! We just got back yesterday from Guatemala...where we got to hold our little Eliana for the first time. We have also been on a roller coaster of emotions. Please pray for us too!!

Lindsey Wheeler

Whitney said...

Yeah...two girls to be great friends together! Marianne...you are so cute! I can now pray for your sweet girls by name!

Please bring Sarah home soon and allow her case to progress quickly! Protect little Emily as she growing and developing. Give them a heart for You at an early age!

Amy said...

How exciting-2 little girls! I love the names also!

Lou said...

I am so thrilled for you!!!2 girls to go with your 2 boys!!! We pray that we get to add one more girl to our crew... You are a precious pregnant mommy! I will be praying for both your girlies. Congrats and God bless!

Deidre said...

How exciting!! Two boys and two girls! I am so excited for you. I love the names Sarah and Emily. Know that I am praying for you.

Talk to you soon ~ Deidre

Our Adoption Journey said...

You look great! A little girl x2!! How exciting!


deb said...

Cute little belly!!! I noticed the names are posted for your daughters! That's so awesome! Congratulations!