Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Happy 1 Month Baby Girl!

I stare at our daughter's newborn picture and wonder how much 4 wks has changed her precious face. It is much harder than I imagined to have these hours, days , weeks and now a month slip away without being part of her life. I pray somehow she can sense that we are coming for her through the divine comfort of the Lord.

Father, I know you hear the cries of your children. I ask that you would protect our baby girl today that you hold her tight as my arms cannot reach where she is. Comfort, nourish, and love on her through the wonderful mamas at Eagles Nest and comfort me as I long to touch her face and draw her close to me. Thank you Lord for this precious gift and for being so near. Thank you for being who You promise You are in your Word. I love You and submit and surrender my heart to You over and over.

Staying close to Him, Marianne

Katie's coming Home!!!
Just wanted to add this to today's an e-mail from my friend Deb Everly just now saying they leave Monday to go get Katie and bring her home FOREVER!! Katie just turned 1 yr. old September 25 and we are SO excited to see the Lord set her in such an awesome family!! Praise God for His lovingkindnes!!


Whitney said...

Happy 1 month! God has great things planned for you!

The Allums Family said...

Praying for your sweet little girl!! I will definitely tell her how much her family loves her and can't wait to bring her home forever when we are down there soon for our visit trip!