Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A day in Antigua

Everyone told us we really should go to Antigua and I'm so glad we did! We had a great day and even enjoyed our driver Luis(he is a believer and we had all kinds of theological conversations). This picture was taken in an old monastery built in the 1500's that is now a hotel... it was breathtaking! Seeing some of the sights of Sarah's birthplace was a wonderful way to pass the time while waiting for her visa : )

After a long day of sight-seeing..... isn't she precious!

Back at the hotel, Sarah was checking out her future b-day presents!

Sarah seems to be most content when we are in our room at the hotel. I'd say overall she's doing pretty well with the transition but she still feels pretty cruddy. Her cough about breaks your heart. Today she had a few 15-20min. "moments" where she seemed happy and feeling good. The rest of the day she just wanted to be held and was easily disgruntled. She was up most the night crying last night and finally gave it up about 4am, so she's exhausted on top of being sick... not the greatest mix. We're hoping she'll sleep well tonight to be rested for a long day of travel tomorrow : ) We are so excited to come home and finally have our family complete... it's felt like someone was "missing" for way too long! Thank you to everyone praying... we are so grateful! The Lord is good!!


Heather Gatto said...

She is the most BEAUTIFUL little girl! We are soooo happy for you! I hope you have (had) a good trip home =)

Leah said...

What a wonderful Blessing.

Hey, I'd like the name of that Steak place you guys went to yesterday...maybe when we pick up we can get a bite there :) Just put it on my blog.

Mara said...

We are so thankful and happy for your family and can't wait to meet all of our new cousins! What a wonderful inspiration your site has been to us! We love you!
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