Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day 3

This day we were supposed to go to Pana to church with Ron and Beverly but again it RAINED!!! If there was one disappointment to our trip it would be thtat it rained the whole time we were there... we were pretty much stuck in our apartment.
Being inside, gave us plenty of opportunity for photo shoots : ) Dave teased me saying by looking at her outfits, you'd think we were there for 2 weeks instead of 4 days!

This girl was putting EVERYTHING in her mouth... she's not teething or anything!

Daddy and his sweetheart.... one of them!

OK... so I admit it, I was a cheerleader. Much more proud that I was a gymnast BEFORE I was a cheerleader. Anyway, found this cute little cheerleading shirt yrs. ago for a little girl someday.... I so enjoyed finally seeing one of my girls wearing it.

Just another goofy face by our silly little girl.

I so wish you could see through the clouds to the BEAUTIFUL CREATION the Lord made behind me.
By the look on her face you won't believe me but she really did LOVE her Daddy's kisses : )
At the end of this day, I was starting to feel a little sad knowing we only had one more day left. I was already starting to ask for the Father's outpouring of peace as the end was coming all too soon.


Therese said...

Thanks for sharing your story and the wonderful pictures. The picture of you two with the mist behind you is my favorite. It's obvious you were meant to be in each other's lives! I hope that becomes permanent soon SOON!!


P.S. thanks for the fabulous "Aloha!" pictures, I'm enjoying ours and everyone else's as well!

Ferrick said...

I am so enjoying your journey. Your sweet pea reminds me so much of my Bella, they even make the same face with the crinkled nose. Does she breathe in and out like my little princess when she does it? So cute. Believing for your OUT! Susie

Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

She is a doll.....I know how hard it is to leave!! Lord, please let our little girls come home soon.