Friday, June 20, 2008

A HAPPY 34th BIRTHDAY TO MY ONE AND ONLY!!...and a few pics : )

Not everyone gets to see the silly side of Dave... but here he is! I love you, Honey!!

This amazing woman(my mom-in-law) held down the fort while we were in Guate!!..Thank you Linda!!

At the request of my sweet friend Karie... pictures of Emily : ) Which by the way, Karie, you HAVE to get one of these Bumbo seats for your next little one... they are AWESOME!

So serious!

She loves her hands... no pacifier for this little lady! uh oh... hope we won't have a thumb sucker.

She's getting SO big ... so fast : (

Just chillin'... watching my brothers and Mommy play baseball!

Not sure if this picture does justice to the amazing amount of HAIR LOSS this poor girl has experienced ... no worries, I've had 2 other babies, I found out it grows back : )

Just want everone to see how TALL I'm getting! (Christie, we LOVE this travel bed... we have used it and used it... just been perfect!)

The three musketeers... don't worry "Grandmas", Daddy's hanging on tight : )

The boys hard at work! They get a quarter for every 15min. spent pulling weeds.... it usually gets spent at the pool concessions : )

If you spend ANY time with our family, you know how MUCH Zachary loves little Emily.... sometimes a little too much! But this picture is just typical of Zachary wanting to hold Emily's hand when we are walking... melts my heart!

Hugs from Caleb!

And hugs from Zach!
Blessings to all for a GREAT weekend!!


Brenda Rae said...

happy birthday dave! man all your kids are cute and emily's face is just precious. won't next year be so much more fun!

Amy said...

What a beautiful family! Sarah will fit right in. :)

Therese said...

Happy belated birthday, Dave!

That first picture says a lot about you as a dad, and I bet your kids have great fun with you! I can hardly wait to hear of the fun you have when you're all finally reunited!


emily said...

I just got your comment on our blog! So much fun to read your blog for awhile. I worked at K-2 for years-- it is the best place on earth! :)

Congrats on your entire beautiful family. We are adopting a baby boy from Ethiopia. We aren't allowed to post pics until we pass court but he is yummy-- trust me. :)