Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Saying goodbye to Sarah(visit trip)

The day I dreaded from the beginning of our trip had finally come. We were supposed to leave at 8am but got a knock on our door at 7:15am saying we needed to leave immediately to be able to make it through the rain. I was very upset expecting to have 45 more minutes with Sarah. It actually was probably better that way because I was unable to dwell on the inevitable.

We took her upstairs to the mamas and hugged and kissed her one last time. And then we hugged and kissed her again. I cried, of course, through my smiles but somehow I was able to subdue the sobs rising up inside me. She went easily to one of the mamas and smiled goodbye to us.... and then we left. There is no doubt in my mind that the prayers of the saints and the all-surpassing peace from our Father is what enabled us to put one foot in front of the other as we made our way home.

It only seemed fitting that it was raining that day. My own tears seemed to mirror the drops of rain streaming down the airplane windows. I felt as though the heavens were crying with me. If the saying is true that a mother carries her heart outside her body, then mine is not in one piece. In part, here at home and in part, still in Guatemala.

We will see you again soon my sweet Sarah!


Amy said...

Your words are so true, while waiting to bring these little ones home our heart is in two places and so torn about where it wants to be.

Praying that the remainder of this wait speeds through for you and soon your heart will be whole! Praise God!

jajbs said...

Yes, it is so true... a piece of you is gone until she joins you again. I pray that this time goes by fast and will rejoice with you on that special day when you NEVER have to be torn in 2 again!!