Friday, June 13, 2008

Day 4 of visit trip... and case update : )

This was by far our favorite day for many reasons!

Wearing my favorite dress that I brought for her... Emily has a matching one : )
We laugh at how much bigger Sarah always looks when I hold her than when David has her.

Rain or no rain... we ALL needed to get out. So Ron and Beverly took us to Pana for shopping and lunch! We enjoyed that SO much after looking at the same 4 walls for a few days : ) I got to get some special gifts for Sarah's future birthdays and a few trinkets for the boys and our nieces and nephews. I hope to get to do more shopping on our next trip. Our lunch was great... I had some kind of breaded chicken and Dave had the meatloaf( so weird but it had a hard boiled egg in the middle...good thing Dave will eat anything). Sarah was AMAZING! She never fussed even ONCE and we were gone for maybe 4-5 hrs
It still was raining or should I say POURING when we headed back to the Nest. Now all of you EN families know what I'm talking about when I say the street that goes up to the Nest could use a little work. I'm telling you... it was an ADVENTURE trying to get up that road, several inches deep in mud, windshield wipers breaking every couple minutes, 4 adults and a baby all piled into a small pick-up... we LOVED it : )
Daddy has held all his babies like this... Sarah loved it!

So, Dave got to bring 1 outfit for Sarah... and here it is!!! Big surprise... ha ha!

She had a great time slobbering all over the Cardinal's hat... hope that isn't a sign she's going to rebel against loving our favorite team : )

Saying thank you and goodbye to the mamas. I enjoyed feeling TALL for once in my life! Juana and Maria are 2 of Sarah's special mamas. Kendall also got to join in on the photo shoot : ) Which by the way, THREE other EN babies are going home besides Sarah!!!! We can't wait to see Kendall, Danny and Braxton with their AMAZING families!!

Ron and Beverly with Sarah... we love you guys!!

A last partial family picture before we leave. We had a GREAT last night together. The 3 of us were laying on the bed winding down and all of a sudden Sarah starting imitating Dave's motor boat sounds... he'd been doing it all week to make her smile. She did it over and over and over... spitting and drooling the WHOLE time. It was hilarious! Thank you God for such a special bonding moment with our little girl!
Putting her to sleep was also very precious that night. I held her close, walking around the apartment, singing every worship song I could think of with tears streaming down my face. Oh, Father, to know the tears You've shed over us. I pray I never take His love for granted!
Well, we've been praying for a couple months now that we would be able to bring Sarah home when our church goes to Eagles Nest in July. We found out yesterday this should be possible! Thank you Lord for covering EVERY detail! We still don't know yet how to work out the plane ticket situation since Dave already has a flight paid but I do not.... plus we'd like to come home together. Also, we aren't sure yet if we will do the Embassy appt. during the mission trip or tag on a few days at the end of the trip.... we know the Lord will guide us through these last few steps!!


Brenda Rae said...

PRAISE THE LORD!!! With tears in my eyes I am so excited for you guys. She is precious! I especially love the Cardinals outfit!

Jami said...

Marianne! She is just so beautiful! I'm so happy you're out of PGN and hopeful that you get to bring her home SOON!!!

You're baby will again be in your arms so soon! I'm so excited for you guys!!

Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

THAT IS AMAZING!!!! I am so excited. She is going to be home so soon. :-) Love all of her outfits!

Ferrick said...

Oh Amen Lord!!!! AMEN! So very happy for you. Blessings for speedy PINK! Susie

Leah said...

What a wonderful blessing that will be. We'll be praying for the rest of the details.

Amy said...

We are so excited for you all. We will be praying that the timing works our perfectly for the pickup.

Deidre said...

That is awesome that you guys might be able to pick her up on your mission trip there! God always has a perfect and wonderful plan! I will be praying that it will all fall into place.

Thank you so much for sharing your week with us. I remember that last night with Kendall like it was yesterday. God allowed us to have some very special and funny moments that will forever be with me.

Won't be long now! Maybe we will even be there together!!

Jerry and Stacie said...

AMAZING!! PRAISE THE LORD!! I am so EXCITED for you guys! What an AWESOME plan God has in store for your family! I can't wait to watch it unfold!



Laurie said...

What an amazing year you all have had! Your family is precious! I hope you are orange and pink real soon!