Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another Great Day With Sarah!!!!

Another wonderful day with Sarah. I went in to see Sarah early again this morning and she was laying wide awake in her crib rolling around. She looked at me and just had a look on her face like she expected me to be coming. I fed her cereal and a bottle and you could tell that she was ready for the day. In the afternoon it sounds like our orphan care ministry held Sarah almost all afternoon so she never got a nap. When I came in at the end of our work day she was still going strong and blowing bubbles with her tongue (Marianne, same "spitting" she was doing the night we left that had us cracking up so hard). Throughout the day I would pop my head in to see her and she always seemed so happy to see me. As I leave I always stand at the door and wave goodbye until she stops looking at me. She just stares at me for a few minutes and then gets distracted by someone or the video showing. The orphan ministry has not been allowed by the mamas to just snatch babies out of their cribs and hold them . . . but they are letting them get Sarah whenever they like. It's neat that they all understand that I'm her papa and we are there to love on her and all the other children. All the babies seem like they are doing just fine. I'm always amazed how the room is full of babies and how little crying their is. Praise God for this wonderful place where these children are so meticulously cared for. Still wondering if God has a glorious miracle up His sleeve for Sarah to be able to come home with us but we are running out of time. No matter what Lord, to you be the glory and honor. Until tomorrow! Oh, almost forgot, Marianne, I don't know if you can see it in the pictures but I asked one of he mamas to take the picture of Sarah and I together and she took us over to the kitchen area and pulled out some "sticker" ear rings to put on her. It was pretty funny but cute. She was wearing little ear rings to make her look pretty! Love you so much honey.


Stacie said...

Can you please e-mail me in regards to donations when I travel to pick-up my daughter.

Thanks Stacie

Amy said...

So glad your hubby can share these days with Sarah. Praying that the Lord works out all the details.