Friday, July 11, 2008

She'll be in his arms tomorrow

We just got back from the send-off of a 26 member little army for God : ) Look out Guatemala... here comes Grace Church! They were all so excited and eager to love on some babies and share the Good News! I was so proud of my husband for taking on such a task of leading such a large group on a mission trip!

I admit I was sad and envious that they would all be able to see, touch and hold Sarah tomorrow but this picture brings me comfort that she will be safely nestled in her Daddy's arms within 24 hrs.

We are still waiting on news about whether I will be able to go meet up with the group to bring Sarah home. The Lord sent us a couple of "angels" that have given us an opportunity for a kind of last ditch effort to bring her home on this trip. We'll let you know when we hear : )

If any of the Eagles Nest families would like to follow what our group is doing at El Nido, they will be posting daily on this website : )

Love to you all tonight and thank you for all your support and encouragement... it means so much!! I'm so thankful I also have arms to nestle into during these next few days... my Abba, Father. There are no words to describe the wonder and gratefulness I have for His pursuit of me and the lengths He endured to "adopt" me, allowing me the privilege of calling Him Father!


Amy said...

I kow your heart is torn, wanting to be with the team and sweet Sarah. Praying that this is all a distant memory soon as you welcome Sarah home. :)

Laura said...

My husband and I are going to be at Eagle's Nest for Friday night and Saturday - we are leaving tomorrow and doing some things with Healing Waters International and then will spend the last day in Solola - will your churches group still be there?