Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Can't Anyone Help Us???

We've been trying to do anything and everything to work out the details of bringing Sarah home at the end of our church mission trip to EN.... but it seems to no avail.
We have not had personal contact with the Embassy except for the lovely automatic responses and we found out last night that the DNA labs have been having technical difficulties and are back-logged.
I had really wanted to be part of the team that goes down to Guatemala for the mission project but I am having to stand by until we have our actual Embassy appt..... simply because I can't be gone 10 days only to turn around and be gone another 4 or 5 days back to Guate for reasons of child care and finances.
We chose to give Sarah her name because we believe nothing is too difficult for HIM, so if it's the Lord's will, we KNOW this appointment is not beyond His capability!


Anonymous said...

Praying that you have that appt soon.

Whitney said...

Oh, I wish I had that contact for you! I will be praying for His glory in bringing Sarah home (SOON)!!!

Amy said...

We serve a God who is capable of anything. Praying that mountains are moved.

demp5 said...

I do have a contact. Email me at